Conquer 24 - Powderham Castle 05/06th June 2021


Race Starts: Saturday 1200hrs and finishes Sunday 1200hrs  Entry Fees: Solo Entry £65 - Team Entry £55 


1.Age Limits 


>The age limit for the 24 hour Solo entry  is 21 years of age. 

>The age limit for the 24 hour Team entry is 18 years of age. 


2.The Course 


The Course will take you on a beautiful 5 mile journey around the grounds of Powderham Castle, stunning woodlands and awe inspiring views of the River Exe. The course is extra special as you will actually  run through the castle itself. We will have inspiring and motivation speakers throughout the event and a special guest to give the pre race motivational speech.


3.What’s included 

  • A stunning course fully marked and marshalled. 

  • Free camping for you  during  the event. Your  supporters  will be charged £5 per person and must pre register. 

  • Professional  chip timing by our chip timing supplier Race Result. 

  • Bespoke medal and T-shirt for particpants of main event.

  • Bespoke medal for participants of 5 & 10 Mile events. 

  • Clean toilets and hot showers - showers will be open from 6pm - 11pm Saturday and 7am - 2pm Sunday 

  • fuel and refreshments available at aid stations  ***Please note this is a cup less event please bring your water bottles or foldable cups to be refilled at aid stations - We will sell these in event HQ*** 

  • Free race photography and access to photos by 

  • bespoke buckle  for running 100 miles or more. 

  • Fully qualified medical staff on hand to look after you. 


4.Medals and Awards  


All finishers of main event will receive  a Epic Bespoke Medal and T-shirt - Please bring your bib to the HQ once you have finished your race to exchange for your finishers medal. T-shirts will be given in your Registration packs before the start of the race.

All finishers of 5 & 10 Mile events will receive Bespoke medal. 




Awards for :


Male 1st/2nd/3rd


Female 1st/2nd/3rd 




Awards for:


PAIRS 1st/2nd/3rd Male/Female/Mixed (2 runners)

SMALL GROUP 1st/2nd/3rd Male/Female/Mixed (3-5 Runners)

LARGE GROUP 1st/2nd/3rd Male/Female/Mixed (6-8 Runners)

One award per team in each category thats 54 awards 



Epic Bespoke belt buckle award for anyone running over 100 miles in 24 hours at Conquer24.


Special prize for fastest lap.

5 & 10 Milers





Camping opens from 5pm - 9pm on Friday 4th and event closes at midday on Sunday 6th. Car park and camping will be seperated to limit the damage to the ground and also due to local council rules state vehicles must be parked minimum of 6 metres away from tents we have to keep vehicles and genral camping seperate, car park to camping area is less than 200 metres.


Camping is free for all participants and only £5 per spectator PLEASE NOTE SPECTATORS/SUPPORTERS MUST REGISTER BEFORE REGISTRATION CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT ON THE 7TH MAY YOU MUST BE PART OF THE SAME BUBBLE AND BE SUPORTING A PARTICIPANT - NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Solo runners will have camping right next to the changeover area and we will have a quiet zone  in the family  camping area for anyone looking for a good night’s sleep. 


We expect  everyone to be courteous  of others after 2300hrs. Entertainment in the event village will end at 2300hrs, Last orders for alcoholic drinks will be 2300hrs although food and soft drink will be served throughout the night. 


Caravans and motorhomes are permitted in specified area - there is no electric or water hook up. There will be free drinking water stations. There will be delicious hot and cold food served throughout the weekend including a bar for those of you who want to let your hair down and enjoy the entertainment including our local bands in the daytime and our DJ mix after dark.

The Powderham Castle is home to a host of beautiful wild life including a live Deer park with over 600 deer we please ask for no open fires or barbecues to be used in the camping area to protect the land and the wildlife.


6.Entry Conditions   


Conquer 24 is a multi terrain race and all competitors enter at their own risk. 

By registering to take part in the race you are agreeing to the terms and conditions on our website. 


We will have medical support on hand during the event for your safety. No liability will be accepted by event organizers or the land owners for any injuries incurred by taking part in this race. 


7.Signing up 


You can sign up on our website through our professional  chip timing supplier Race Result. 

Solo entry is £65 Team entry is £55pp Sign up today and do not miss out. 






All competitors must pre register and collect race numbers from event HQ by 11am on Saturday morning ***SAVE TIME! ONLY TEAM CAPTAINS PERMITTED IN RACE HQ TO COLLECT RACE NUMBERS AND T-SHIRTS FOR THE WHOLE TEAM***Captains  can register a relay team without having all the team info. Once registered, captains will receive a confirmation email with a link enabling team changes to be made as and when team members are recruited.  Team captains are responsible for checking team member  details are correct.


8.Spectators/Supporters Registration 

Due to covid-19 we need everyone attending to pre register before arrival, Under 16's unless taking part in the kids fun run do not need to register anyone over 16 will have to pre register as a spectator. There is a £5pp fee for spectators/supporters please pre register before midnight on the 7th May - no exceptions will be made! registrations close on this date. No registration, No entry, we will not register anyone on the day. Please register by selecting the spectators/supporters contest on the drop down menu of contests.


9.Race Timings 


>Kids Fun Run will begin at 1000hrs before the main event. 

>Daytime 5/10 Mile race begins at the same time as the main event 1200hrs. 

>Nighttime 5/10 Mile race  will begin at 2100hrs Saturday -  No Headtorch, No Race **mandatory**. 

>The main 24 hour  event  begins at 1200hrs on Saturday and finishes 1200hrs on Sunday, Final laps must be started before 1159hrs on the Sunday 


10.Race Result 


Main event - The race will be judged on laps finished unless there is a tie then we will go to the time it has taken to complete the laps. 


5 & 10 mile events will be judged on the first 3 across the line.

11.General Race Rules 


All participants must wear their own race number at all times when on the course and make sure it is visible on your front. You must advise us before the event of any medical conditions or allergies we should be aware off, and these  details should be written on the back of your race numbers. 


There is no limit on how many consecutive laps you can run.  Solo runners or team members can have as many breaks as you want.


Only one team member may be on the course at any one time anyone found to be cheating or breaking the rules will be disqualified. 


From 9pm every runner must carry a headtorch or hand light - This is mandatory and anyone seen running without one will be disqualified as you are putting yourself and others at risk of injury. We recommend investing in a good head torch. Don’t worry if you forget to bring one; we will be selling them  in the race HQ - after 9pm you will not be able to run without one. 


12.Solo Race Rules 


You can run as many laps as you want and there is no time limit on breaks. All runners are reminded to enter and exit the course at the start and finish line. Anyone seen breaking the rules will be disqualified.


13.Team Race Rules 


You can only change runners in the official exchange area. Your team can have as many breaks as you want for as long as you like just be advised to enter and exit the course at the correct  start and finish points. anyone seen to be breaking the rules will be disqualified.  



14.Medical Emergency 


During the event we will have Qualified First Aiders within the race HQ to deal with any emergencies. Please be advised if you are nursing an injury to check with your GP before taking part. Event Organizers or the venue will not be held accountable for any accident, injury, loss or damage before, during or after the event. 


If you or someone else gets injured on the course please contact our Emergency first aider at Race HQ. Numbers will be given at registration on race day. 


Please also help each other if someone gets injured. We are all in this together and have a responsibility for each other’s health and safety.



We have plenty of space for car parking in the main event field Participants that are camping/staying overnight please follow Signs for camping car park SUPPORTERS WILL PAY £1 PER CAR ON ENTRY THAT WE PAY TO THE VENUE.

Car park and camping will be seperate to preserve the grounds and also because local rules state vehicles must be parked minimum of 6 metres away from tents we have to keep vehicles and genral camping seperate. Camping areas and car park is only 200metres apart.




We want everyone to enjoy the race and have a great experience. We will have a quiet zone in the family camping area for families and people wanting to ensure a good night’s sleep. Please be courteous of each other. Anybody not abiding by the rules will be disqualified and removed from site. We will have a solo camping area right next to the course for serious ultra runners. We hope everybody has a great race and a great experience. ​




Tickets are non-Refundable UNLESS cancellation was forced due to the pandemic in that case a full refund will be issued free of charge, In case of postponement you shall receive the option to carry your entry over to the new date or exchange it for a credit voucher that can be used at any of our future events by yourself or it may be gifted to a family or friend. Entries may  be passed over to someone else up to 2 weeks before the event start date. It is solely up to the participant to make sure details of the new runner are correct and updated via the change link you received with your registration email. 


Refunds will only be given in unavoidable difficult circumstances but not due to postponement regarding covid19 as this is out of our control. This is not because we want to keep your money, but the administration involved to issue refunds is very costly with fees we pay and the time it takes, We cannot afford to spend a lot of time issuing refunds. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Any questions you have that have not been answered here  email us at:

Sunday Funday - from first light on Sunday morning until the end of the race there will be an 80's theme to put some fun into the run. After a long night of running we will all need a boost! Winners will  be picked after the race from our photographic evidence - 3 Solo's and 3 teams will be selected for Free entry to the next years race so make us smile :)  - (Not Compulsory) 

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