Day Thirty Four

Day 34 – 19 February 2020

We were up and about at 0500 feeling slightly more refreshed than yesterday. My legs felt good on the first fifteen miles, although it was starting to get quite hot towards the end of that first leg. Unusually, I didn’t even need to listen to my usual music to keep me going. Today’s running has felt very good and I’ve simply enjoyed the sensation of running and being in the moment. We breakfasted on rolls, bananas and mocha at the first checkpoint, before setting off again on another ten miles. By this time it was incredibly hot and humid which made for a very intense second leg. Brian continues to provide us with great food, and after another delicious meal we managed a further ten miles, at which point we started to look for somewhere to set up camp. This proved to be quite tricky, with a lot of people quite wary about us and what we’re doing, so we ended up having to drive to the next major centre some 35 miles away where we found a guest house which had been recommended to us earlier in the challenge. We arrived late and had to wake the owners which I don’t think endeared us to them – we ended up paying full price to stay instead of the much hoped-for discount. Add to this the additional fuel costs we’ve incurred today and we’re somewhat over budget today!