Day Twenty Two

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Day 22 – 7 February 2020

We had a few things to sort this morning, including some remedial work on the car’s roof rack, which was fitted incorrectly yesterday. Our team of four has so much kit which needs storing on the roof rack, and it’s important it’s functioning correctly. The hotel’s breakfast really helped to boost our morale though – there was a buffet with pretty much any food you could imagine, so we dined in style this morning! We managed a total of 18 miles today, and considering we didn’t get going until around 1600 we felt this was pretty good going. We’ve set up camp at another Catholic church where they’ve allowed us to pitch our tent in their grounds. We’re having a lot of luck with the Catholic churches lately. Sadly it’s not possible to camp on the side of the road – to do so could be potentially quite dangerous, so we’re dependent on the goodwill of people we meet. Tomorrow we should hit the border!

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