Day Twenty Three

Day 23 – 8 February 2020

We were up and out early today, feeling positive and excited about nearing the border. We managed 12.5 miles on our first two checkpoints today, so had 25 miles under our collective belt by the time we reached checkpoint two. Camp for tonight is in another Catholic church where we have two rooms including a bathroom – what luxury! Once we’d unpacked our kit we ran another six miles, after which we drove to the border to get the vehicle and everyone’s visas cleared to pass into Zambia. The border crossing was absolute chaos. There was no order whatsoever, with hordes of people trying to “help” us to get across. To add to the complexity, the border operates a cash only policy, and with banks operating limited opening hours, it’s hard to get the necessary currency. In another blow, our cook’s travel documents didn’t pass muster with the border agents, so we’ve had to bid a sad farewell to her, leaving us a cook down. Admittedly some extra planning on my part might have alleviated some of these issues, but I still think we would have found it hard. Feeling frustrated.

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