Day Twenty Six

Day 26 – 11 February 2020

After a 0530 wake up, we were pretty tired, especially after yesterday’s long day. We took our time over breakfast and set off at 0700. We set the first checkpoint at 21 miles, but after only three miles we came to a road block. In order to avoid heavy tailbacks on the diversion we chose to take a separate route on a new road that was being built. However, at the end of that road we were met by the police and roadworks coordinators who were less than impressed with our “shortcut”. We narrowly managed to avoid having our vehicle impounded (phew) and after a bit of an interrogation we were on our way again. Checkpoint one saw us all feeling a bit subdued, and by checkpoint two we weren’t feeling much better, so we rested for a couple of hours. We tried to sleep in the car but it was so hot and the vehicle was surrounded by kids all wanting to know what we were up to, so unfortunately we didn’t manage to rest much. Physically the challenge is taking its toll, and we called it a day once we clocked 30 miles at the third checkpoint. We’ve pitched our tent on the land of a local restaurant and are hoping for an easier day tomorrow.

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