Day Twenty Five

Day 25 – 10 February 2020

We set off on our first run within Zambia today! We had 15 miles to our first checkpoint and it was a good first leg. After the turmoil involved in getting across the border we are all in need of a good day, so it was a huge relief to see things going well. At first we felt a bit uncertain being in new territory, but we soon realised that things were fine and the people we’ve met have been just as friendly as in Tanzania. More people speak English here too, which makes things easier for us. We managed ten miles to the second checkpoint, then a further eight to the third, even getting in some additional miles after our evening meal before returning to camp. We’re all helping to make the food now, since losing our cook at the border – it’s all hands to the pump to keep things ticking along! We have some miles to make up due to losing time earlier in the challenge - injury and bureaucracy! Everything hurts, physically, but I’m feeling mentally strong and looking forward to getting some 35-mile days clocked. I’m feeling positive about the charity, and focused

on raising as much money and awareness as possible to help combat child poverty, helping children to leave street life and gain access to education and opportunity.

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