Day Twelve

Day Twelve – 28 January 2020

Today was a 30 mile day! We got up at 0500, had a very light breakfast (two bananas!) and packed our stuff away. We were on the road before first light but it was a really hard ten miles to start with. We’re up in the mountains now; it’s really humid and I’ve felt like I’m gasping for air. We had a better breakfast at the first checkpoint – porridge and bananas, plus electrolytes, and set off for another seven miles. Again, this leg was tough. I kept feeling dizzy and had to keep resting in the shade when I could. At checkpoint two we had a good rest, plus rice, cabbage and a delicious watermelon. It was a shorter leg to checkpoint three, after which we did another five miles, taking us to 25 miles. We found a good camp outside someone’s house and he let us use his shelter for cooking, and after that we managed a further short run taking us to the 30 mile total. It’s raining again this evening but our spirits can’t be dampened. It’s been a tough two weeks which has tested all of us but we’re feeling strong.

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