Day Thirty Seven

Day 37 – 22 February 2020

This morning we had a short drive back to yesterday’s final checkpoint. Frustratingly, we discovered the car had a flat tyre which needed changing before we could do anything – not the greatest start to the day! We passed a police checkpoint shortly after we set off, and they advised us that due to local unrest it wouldn’t be safe for me to run alone, so we decided I’d be accompanied by the support vehicle the whole time today. We ran the first 15 miles, by which time I was feeling quite a lot more positive than I was yesterday. It’s a real mental effort to keep going, as well as it being physically hard. The second leg was ten miles, in hot conditions, but I was still feeling reasonably good. A final leg of six miles saw us complete 31 miles today – not bad considering recent trials and tribulations. I do feel I’m getting back my hunger for this challenge – the fire is alight again! Once we’d set up camp for this evening we had to take the car to a local garage to get the tyre properly fixed, after our remedial efforts this morning. It’s all additional cost, and additional time eating into our all important down-time. On the plus side, Brian cooked us a great meal this evening, and we had a delicious hot chocolate before sleeping.

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