Day Thirty One

Day 31 – 16 February 2020

54 miles completed today! We felt refreshed this morning, and were on the road at 0530, running 15 miles to the first checkpoint. At this and subsequent checkpoints were feeling great, and just decided to keep going. Yesterday’s full body massage was amazing, and I’m feeling the benefits. I’m also feeling the benefits of our new cook, Brian, being with us. He’s a great guy and a brilliant cook. Tonight’s camp is at a great lodge where we’ve been allowed to camp for free. This is the end of our first week running in Zambia and I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. We’ve run 226 miles in this country over seven days, and today’s 54 miles was a great way to end the week. I’m feeling strong, both mentally and physically, and glad to have this amazing team around me.

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