Day Thirty Five

Day 35 – 20 February 2020

We had to drive the 35 miles back to the checkpoint where we’d stopped running yesterday, where we had breakfast and set off on our first leg of the day – 15 miles. The running has been ok today but I’ve felt quite tired after last night’s stress with the additional travel and expense. It’s been hot again today, and by the time we were on our second leg – ten miles – it was tough going in the heat and humidity. I decided to put my headphones in to really focus, using music and motivational speeches to keep me going. Our third leg of ten miles saw us arriving in the area where we’d stayed last night which was mentally quite hard. 35 miles is a good achievement, but to have ended up where we’d already been was somewhat dispiriting. We found a decent place to camp – at least we’re not paying full price for a guest house again!