Day Thirty Eight

Day 38 – 23 February 2020

We were up at 0500 this morning, and once I was running the car was following close behind. We’re not taking any risks with all the political unrest (not to mention the mob from a few days ago). We haven’t had any real issues, but it’s good to have the reassurance of the support vehicle. The first 15 miles today were quite quick and I was feeling strong, so we decided to carry on for another two, which took us to our first 1000 miles into the challenge! I’ve got to admit, that felt pretty good. Another bit of good news – we have porridge oats once again! It was great to be able to have porridge for breakfast, after a week without. It’s small things like this that make such a big difference. It’s been 29 degrees for most of today, so it’s been hard in the heat, but we managed a 35 mile day today. We’re having to drive some distance from our final checkpoint of each day in order to find somewhere safe to camp, but it was worth it today as we’re in a great lodge. We managed to do lots of washing, but no sooner was it all hanging up to dry than the heavens opened and everything was more wet than it was to begin with. The tent took a real battering too – we’re going to have to replace it once we reach a major centre.

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