Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen – 29 January 2020

We had a very good day today. We kicked off with ten miles starting at 0600 and feeling great. The second leg saw us climbing through the mountains with incredible views but very steep gradients. It was by far the longest hill I’ve ever run – it was a constant slog and even the lorries and cars seemed to be struggling! We had a well-earned meal at the second checkpoint, including mango, rice and goats’ meat. Heading off to the third checkpoint was hard but there is so much to keep our minds from the physical pain – it’s truly amazing running through this part of the country. We completed a total of 35 miles today which I’m really pleased with. We celebrated with chips and chapatis! We couldn’t find anywhere to camp this evening but found a reasonably priced hotel so it feels a little like luxury this evening.

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