Day Ten

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Day Ten – 26 January 2020

We are back on the move! I was nervous to start running again – if my shin was to swell up and the same issue was to arise we’d have had to consider alternatives to the plan, but after setting off around 0700 things progressed reasonably well and we reached Mikumi National Park, one of the first National Parks on our trip. The first leg was ten miles during which we came across baboons, giraffes, elephants and zebras! When it came to cooking, we had to drive the vehicle outside of the park, as it’s too dangerous to cook with all the animals around. After we’d eaten we drove back to the first checkpoint to commence the run again. I was quite nervous on this stretch of the run, not least because we’d been told by one of the rangers that a man had been eaten by a lion in the park! About five miles before we exited the park, we were chased down by one of the rangers in his van, who shouted at us to get back into our support vehicle, warning us there was a pack of lions on the road ahead. He told us it was prohibited to run within the park, so we were forced to obey his orders (he was armed after all!) and drive the remainder of the route within the park. My shin has still been painful but there’s been a lot to take my mind off it!

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