Day Sixty Two

Day 62 – 18 March 2020

Last night’s camp at the little homestead was a positive experience. It felt great to be amongst a community using all natural materials to build with, and living so simply. I’ve no doubt their lives are incredibly hard, but we felt privileged to spend some time with the people of this place. I was keen to make an early start for today’s running and I was on the road at 0530 (with the head torch!) after a couple of bananas and an electrolyte drink. The temperatures were mercifully cool at this time and the running felt good, with me managing 20 miles to the first checkpoint. The second leg saw me completing another ten miles – 30 miles by lunchtime felt like a pretty significant achievement! Having said that, none of the running is easy now. I’m fatigued and my knees hurt, but I’m managing to keep on going, spurred on in no small part due to the charity fundraising and the new home we’re hoping to build for Amari Uganda. The final leg was another ten miles, so we finished the day on 40 miles. We found a room in a lodge for tonight which was cheaper than the campsites we’d tried, so we have a relative amount of luxury tonight and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

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