Day Sixty One

Day 61 – 17 March 2020

Waking on this beautiful campsite on the Zambezi river was wonderful, especially after such a relaxing day yesterday. I’m starting to feel anxious about our impending border crossing into Namibia, both administratively and because of increasing concerns about Coronavirus. We waved Rashid off today – he’s done a great job for us driving us this far, and it was sad saying goodbye. Our new driver has now joined us and together with Brian we set off to the border where we all had screening for Coronavirus. Thankfully we all obtained clearance and also managed to navigate the rest of the usual bureaucracy (a miracle) with only a short delay whilst the customs officials checked some of our bags. Within an hour, we were on our way in Namibia! We managed a short run before stopping for provisions, including new sim cards for everyone’s phones. Once that was sorted we managed a couple more legs, totalling 20 miles for the day which felt good. We’ve found a small homestead where we’ve set up camp this evening. It’s just a few mud huts with straw roofs but quite picturesque amongst all the white sand. It’s a simple but very tough life for people here as they farm the land.

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