Day Sixty

Day 60 – 16 March 2020

It was good to have something of a lie in this morning, although my body clock was urging me to get up and going. We’re on day one of two rest days while we wait for our new driver to arrive. There’s some admin to sort, enabling Rashid to get home (involving a considerable financial lay out for bus and plane transport) but other than that we’re hoping to rest and regroup. We’re staying at a beautiful lodge on the Zambezi river which is very conducive to relaxing. We even spent some time fishing in the river today! We spent the evening with some Germans who’ve been living here for some time and shared some chicken which we barbecued ourselves. We also met some British guys who are cycling the length of Africa (Cape Town to Cairo) and they also joined us for our feast. A great way to unwind after a tough few days.

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