Day Seventeen

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Day 17 – 2 February 2020

We had a bad start to the morning. It was raining and quite miserable, and I wasn’t feeling too positive either. I’m feeling a lot of responsibility for this challenge and unfortunately this morning the pressure had mounted to the extent I had an argument with my support team. I took some things that were said too personally, and said some harsh words which I regretted. At the checkpoint we all had a good chat and I apologised for my behaviour so we’re good now, but I’m conscious that things are going to continue to be difficult as the challenge progresses, so I need to try to keep emotions out of things when we’re all struggling. The pain in my shin has lessened now, for which I’m grateful. I’m still monitoring it, along with my mood, and feel I have a sufficient level of self-awareness to notice when things aren’t right and when I might need a rest, a talk, or some space to myself. This evening I treated everyone to a meal so the team had a rest from cooking, and we spent a second night in another Catholic church.

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