Day Seven

Day Seven – 23 January 2020

We had a good night’s sleep last night and felt good starting this morning. The first ten miles were painful, with my shin becoming progressively worse as time went on. At the first checkpoint I knew something wasn’t right, but didn’t want to give up so early in the day so we set off for the next checkpoint which was another ten miles away. Once we reached that point we got some first aiders involved – my shin was swelling considerably and we had to take the decision to rest. We may be dealing with a stress fracture, in which case we’re in trouble. We’ll know more tomorrow. Until then, I’m resting at the camp, just five kilometres from our first National Park. I’m disappointed not to have made it to the Park just yet, but trying to remain hopeful that we’ll be good to resume things in a couple of days. If not… well… let’s just say for now I’m keeping everything crossed that it’ll be good news.

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