Day Nineteen

Day 19 – 4 February 2020

I’m getting used to these early mornings now – we were up at 0530 packing all our camp away. We’d set up camp on a bit of a slant last night so found we’d all slid into the middle of the tent during the night – not ideal! Breakfast was chapatis and a hot drink, then we set off on our longest checkpoint to date; 15 miles. The first run of the morning is the least painful for me as I’ve had more time to rest overnight, so we decided to up the mileage for today’s first leg. It went ok, although the last five miles were a bit of a struggle. We broke it down into two mile chunks with my support cyclist going ahead then waiting for me to have some water, and this system seemed to work quite well. After around 45 minutes’ rest we set off again on a ten mile leg to the second checkpoint. Once we’d made it, we realised there was nowhere suitable to camp which was frustrating. We had some food and set off on a third leg in search of a suitable place to set up our tent, fuelled by rice, bananas and hydration salts. After another six miles we reached the next town and thankfully located another church were we spoke to the Priest who kindly let us set up camp at his house a mile away. There’s been so much goodwill from so many people on this challenge, which is really helping to lift our spirits. Tonight’s dinner was a bit of a treat with cows’ kidney, rice, eggs and vegetables.

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