Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen – 30 January 2020

0500 saw us awake and we were on the road by 0530. We’ve worked out a nifty trick to beat the heat slightly. At the end of day thirteen, we ran a further 10 miles in the evening after checking into the hotel, then travelled back in the car. This morning we took the vehicle then started at the end of that ten miles. Despite a flat tire today, necessitating me running alone for part of the day, we made it to the first checkpoint for porridge, bananas and porridge. We got some decent miles in after that, totalling 31 today – another pleasing result given the difficulties we’ve experienced over the last two weeks. We’ve set up camp at a boarding school this evening. Despite just wanting to eat and sleep, we spent a lot of time meeting each class and getting to know the teachers here. Everyone’s been so welcoming. We finally managed to get to bed at 2200, tired but happy.

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