Day Four

Day Four – 20 January 2020

I got up at 0430 this morning. We had to sort all of our kit which had got soaked in last night’s storm, so didn’t get underway with today’s run until around 0600. Happily we’d managed around 14 miles by 0900 but then had to find somewhere to dry all the kit – a very kind family offered some of their land for us to use so we were able to set up our shower, wash and dry clothes and also dry the tent. After that we ran another six miles. I’m starting to acclimatise to the scorching temperatures although it’s still really hard. This evening we spoke to the leader of the town we arrived in and he kindly allowed us to stay in his front room. However, concerns about mosquitos (there were no nets) saw us spending the night in the car which was not comfortable in the slightest.

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