Day Forty Two

Day 42 – 27 February 2020

We had an amazing breakfast at the lodge this morning, which was very welcome after yesterday’s struggles. There were handmade sausages, bacon and poached eggs, and in a lovely gesture, Andrew from the lodge sent us off with a cool box full of sausages for us to eat later. It was a 17 mile trip back to the starting point (where we’d stopped yesterday) which just shows how hard it is to find safe places to camp. The extra driving is eating into my limited budget, so we’re hopeful this won’t continue to be the situation. We managed 17 miles to the first checkpoint then a further nine after that, so finished at 26 miles for the day. 1530 saw us finished for the day and we headed into Lusaka to do a few jobs so as not to have that take up lots of time during our rest day tomorrow. We’re staying in a flat owned by an amazing lady called Emma – she used to live in the UK but has been overseas for years now. In Lusaka we visited tent stores as the tent is in desperate need of replacement. We also stocked up on essential supplies and visited the Zambian Embassy to check on some paperwork. Tomorrow we’ll head to the Namibian Embassy. Our flat is a great place to stay and we’re looking forward to sleeping in a bed and having a lie in.

In other news today, Anna, our support cyclist, has had a few days off to deal with an infection. She was taking antibiotics and consequently had to stop taking antimalarial drugs. This wasn’t ideal, and her infection wasn’t responding as quickly as we’d hoped it would, so we made the hard decision to send Anna home to the UK to seek medical attention. Health comes before anything else, and although this was a very difficult decision, the priority was always Anna’s health. As a result, this was our last day with Anna accompanying us. Huge thanks to her for her help to date. She’ll be continuing to do work for the charity from the UK.

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