Day Forty Three

Day 43 – 28 February 2020

This was our planned rest day in Lusaka, but in reality it was anything but. Our first priority was to sort the tent, then we needed to get our driver, Rashid’s, visa sorted for Namibia. However, the Namibian Embassy told us we couldn’t obtain this in Zambia, and nor could we get it at the border. The official was hard work and we made to feel very frustrated. The end result is Rashid has to return to Dar es Salaam to get his visa which was a massive blow. It seems any rest day we have is taken up with drama like this and it’s so annoying. We have a couple of weeks until we hit the border, and it’s likely to be a week’s round trip for Rashid to get to Dar es Salaam and back. We spent most of the day worrying and trying to work out if there was another way to obtain the necessary paperwork. Having Emma’s flat to use as a base for this was brilliant – at least we weren’t trying to do it all from a soggy tent. We’re grateful for small mercies, but still stressed.

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