Day Forty Six

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Day 46 – 2 March 2020

At last night’s lodge we had a lovely dinner and beds for the night, so we woke feeling pretty decent. We’re close to Brian’s hometown, so it was good for him to catch up with family while we’re here. Once packed we were on the road with Charles from the lodge taking us back to our vehicle in his 4x4. We’d left it at a nearby police station (the roads hadn’t been that great and we hadn’t wanted to risk the vehicle). We met our new driver who’ll be helping us while Rashid is off sorting his visa, and although he was ten minutes late for our meeting (much to Brian’s annoyance) we’re confident he’ll do a good job for us in Rashid’s absence. The first ten miles of today’s running was pretty tough. We’ve had a lot of set backs lately, which is taking its toll on me mentally. Added to that, my knees are still sore and I’m not sure if it’s injury or just wear and tear from the challenge. I haven’t listened to any music today, choosing instead to focus on my breathing and the task at hand. The second ten miles were long and tough. I had the occasional surge of energy but they were sadly few and far between. I weighed myself last night and I’ve lost nearly two stone since starting this challenge; I still feel strong but my body is changing and I’m fatigued. Brian cooked us ground corn (nshima) for lunch – a staple in Zambia – which was delicious. We had the rest of the sausages from our cool bag to go with it. The third leg was slightly better. I’d have two miles of feeling alright, then three or four of it being a battle. I’m trying hard to keep on top of that voice in my head which occasionally says “just give up – you can’t do this any more”. The thought of helping children to escape poverty through the work of the charity is what keeps spurring me on. We clocked 30 miles today and have parked the vehicle at a local farm. Brian and our driver have gone to spend the night with their families and I’m with Charles Cox who we met earlier in the challenge. He’s generously put me up for tonight on his family farm where they grow sugar cane. We’ve eaten like kings and I’m looking forward to sleeping in the big, comfy bed here.

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