Day Forty Seven

Day 47 – 3 March 2020

I woke at around 0515 at the Cox family’s lodge. Their farm is amazing, and it was so good to sit down for a delicious meal with them last night. This morning was just as good. They’ve looked after me with a great breakfast, and Charles gave me a lift to the farm where we’d left the vehicle. Even better, they’ve made a significant and very generous donation to the project, which will enable us to relax somewhat about the finances of this challenge. We’re so grateful to them for their help. I left them feeling so positive and uplifted, and quite overwhelmed by their kindness. Not surprisingly, the first leg (13 miles) was pretty good, and after some breakfast we set off to our second checkpoint, where Brian cooked us some lunch of nshima (ground corn). It’s not the best thing for running as it sits quite heavily on the stomach, but it’s certainly delicious. After we’d finished our third leg we’d clocked almost 32.5 miles, and this evening we’re staying at a farm owned by a cousin of Charles Cox. I’m still feeling very strong mentally, in no small part because of all the kindness and support we’ve had. Physically I’m tired, but I’m determined to keep going. Today marks 49 marathons completed in 47 days!

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