Day Forty One

Day 41– 26 February 2020

We had a truly difficult day today. It rained throughout the night which meant we didn’t sleep well. We were up at 0530 and packed up before first light, and off on the first 15 miles in good time. However, it was a tough first leg. I was feeling very fatigued and my knees were feeling sore. After stopping for a rest and some breakfast, we managed a further 12 miles which were equally tough. I know not every day can be a great day, but today was exceptionally hard, and after some recent really good runs I was struggling to understand why we’d had such a change in fortune. Again, it was a case of mind over matter, and I tried to give myself a good talking to and remind myself there will be days like this. We called it a day at 33 miles which I was reasonably pleased with, but I can’t say any of it was enjoyable. We’d been given a contact at a nearby lodge, and having made contact he said we could stay, but no sooner had we set off in the vehicle than we broke down – so frustrating after a challenging day. Brian had to cycle into the nearest town to find a mechanic and while he was gone we all worried about the potential implications of a serious and expensive breakdown. Thankfully the mechanic arrived and confirmed we needed a new cam belt, which wasn’t quite as costly as it could have been. We sent Brian off again, in a taxi this time, to fetch the required replacement, and it took the mechanic hours to replace the broken belt with our new one. Luckily during this time a local woman kindly offered us food and shelter for the night, but we had to turn her down (not without some regret) as we’d already arranged to stay at the lodge. Finally, we arrived at the lodge at just after 2000, feeling quite sorry for ourselves and nursing numerous red ant bites – whilst we’d been waiting at the roadside they’d feasted on us. We literally fell upon the buffet and had an amazing meal (topped off with apple pie and custard!) and fell again into our comfy beds which were provided by the lodge in one of their chalets. We’re overwhelmed by the kindness and support we’ve been shown and are grateful.

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