Day Forty Nine

Day 49 – 5 March 2020

I woke this morning with severe stomach cramps and didn’t feel well at all. We got everything ready and set off to the start of our first leg, but I wasn’t feeling up to running in the slightest. I sipped on some hot chocolate which didn’t help, but managed to eat two sandwiches (one honey and one peanut butter) which gave me some energy for the run. Those first 11 miles to the first checkpoint were tough! My stomach was still giving me pain and I felt so, so tired. An omelette at checkpoint one was our lunch, and then I dragged my body off on the second leg. Our destination was one of the bigger towns in the region where we were hoping to spend the night. We managed a total of 30 miles today which I was inordinately pleased with given how I was, physically. Again, it was a case of pushing on and finding some mental strength to keep me going. We found a cheap lodge on the outskirts of the town and have proper beds for this evening. There’s no running water so we’ve boiled a kettle to wash this evening. Brian cooked us some chicken soup which we ate with buttered rolls and potatoes so we ate very well this evening. Hoping to wake in a better state tomorrow. We’re edging closer to Victoria Falls which I’m very much looking forward to.

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