Day Forty Four

Day 44 – 29 February 2020

We bade farewell to Emma and her flat today, which had been a great base for us the last two nights. Our starting point was 22 miles East of Lusaka but we had to finish off some admin in the city before then so it was a late start for us and we headed off around 0830. Today’s running took us through the city again so it felt like we were revisiting all of yesterday’s stress. Despite having two nights’ good sleep I’m still feeling tired as a result of all the worry and outstanding admin. The running was ok today, but nothing amazing – 37 miles in total. Emma from Lusaka had given us a contact for our next camp and we set up camp at Dave’s place where we had hot showers which revived our spirits somewhat. There’s still a lot of unrest in the area and it’s not safe to set up camp on the roadside, and we’re lucky to have been given such support with contacts and places to stay.

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