Day Forty Five

Day 45 – 1 March 2020

We were on the road by 0600 this morning to reach our starting point. Staying at Dave’s place last night was really good and we were feeling ok today. We always have our support vehicle closely following me at the moment due to all the unrest. It’s strange as none of it’s directly affected us, and we’ve seen so much kindness here. It’s truly a country of extremes. The running today was more a case of putting one foot in front of the other and grinding it out, rather than it coming easily. The temperatures were tough too – it was 29 degrees by 1000 which felt very hot. I was careful to hydrate and take on board extra salts throughout the day. We’d also frozen some bottles of water at Dave’s which we took with us in the cool box and they were extremely refreshing. As Rashid has to leave us for a week to get his visa for the Namibian border we have a new driver with us for a week while he’s gone. We’re lucky to have found someone but sorting this sort of thing is stressful and energy-zapping. We met someone we’d got to know at one of our previous lodges today, and he kindly said we could stay at his place tonight.

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