Day Forty Eight

Day 48 – 4 March 2020

Today was a good day. I feel we’re in a good place, despite the drizzle we woke to. The rain persisted throughout the morning, and I had wet feel within a few minutes of setting off today. Before long, I was soaked through. At the first checkpoint I stripped off my wet gear, dried my feet, applying powder and fresh socks, then stretched out in the back of the car while Brian made our breakfast porridge. Brian’s doing an amazing job and I know we’re lucky to have him with us on the challenge. I listened to some upbeat music on the second checkpoint which helped me to put in some good miles, and I felt positive. Running solo allows me lots of time to think, and I know it’s important to keep on top of any negative thoughts and to concentrate on what’s going well. Again – it’s so much a case of mind over matter. For me, the challenge is taking up a lot of head space, but there’s so much more to think about too. There’s a lot of additional work which needs doing for the charity, and so much else to think about, both in terms of this challenge and back home. Coronavirus is headline news and there’s talk of cancelling big public gatherings here. I’m hopeful (and confident) it shouldn’t affect us in this challenge. The third and final leg started out well but by the final four miles I was soaked through again and ready to call it a day. We finished the day on 34 miles, and had some time this evening to arrange a Q&A on Facebook and Instagram to update some of our supporters. We got to bed a bit later than usual – around 2300.

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