Day Five

Day Five – 21 January 2020

We arose at 0430 after a terrible night’s sleep in the car. The whole team were tired this morning. After a bit of food we were on our way by 0500 and had completed ten miles within an hour and a half. A delicious breakfast of pineapple and pasta (!) restored our spirits somewhat, and we managed another thirteen miles. We then spent most of the afternoon trying to find a new tent, having realised the original is just too big and cumbersome (plus it leaks). We think we’ve managed to arrange for a new tent to be sent on to one of our next locations, so it’ll be good to get that sorted. We finished the day on a shorter run of three miles, in really high temperatures. Added to that was a torrential storm which saw us running down a river rather than a road. We had to backtrack to the nearest town to sleep for the night – we’re in a fantastic lodge and are being looked after very well with safari tents and a hot shower – bliss!

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