Day Fifty Three

Day 53 – 9 March 2020

Waking this morning knowing we have two days to rest was wonderful. There’s no running to do and I could have stayed in bed all morning, but I seem programmed for early starts now, and it was another early start. I was looking forward to seeing Victoria Falls so I went there with our driver while Brian went to sort his paperwork for Namibia. The Falls were amazing and I spent some time chilling out there, enjoying how small the place made me feel. It was an important time to unwind and reflect on the last 57.5 marathons I’ve run. After the Falls I met a friend in Livingstone and we arranged to go on a small safari to visit the wild rhinos. The safari with Emma and Lizzie was breath-taking. We had an armed guard with us which provided small reassurance as we got within about ten feet of some beautiful rhinos. These magnificent beasts were very interested in us and seemed intent on ambling closer, at which point we beat a hasty retreat. Rashid, our original driver, has joined us again having sorted his paperwork (and expensive and time-consuming trip which I’ve talked about in previous posts). It’s great to have him back and we celebrated with a good meal together.

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