Day Fifty Six

Day 56 – 12 March 2020

It was hot early today, and temperatures reached 30 degrees during the first leg as we approached the border with Namibia. The first ten miles were hard but the second were a real challenge. It’s draining running in such heat and I was ready for a good lunch and a decent rest after 20 miles. We’ve had to start cooking on coals now as we’ve run out of gas, and just as I arrived at the second checkpoint, the heavens opened. Brian was valiantly trying to cook on his coals with both him and Rashid holding umbrellas, and somehow he managed to serve up a delicious chicken curry. We got drenched half way through the third leg of day. It might have been refreshing after such heat, but the sheer volume of water means everything is wet through in seconds and it felt like I was dragging a dead weight as a result. Blisters are also a problem, and to be honest I’d much rather be running in dry heat. We finished the day on 32 miles and stopped in a small village where we’re hoping to set up camp for the night.

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