Day Fifty Seven

Day 57 – 13 March 2020

I had a terrible night’s slept last night in the tent. We’d set up in a school’s classroom so at least we had even ground but despite two roll mats it was still incredibly uncomfortable, probably because my legs are constantly fatigued now. It was hot today which made the things even harder than usual. Along with being tired, the heat didn’t help my low mood and I kept stressing about the current fundraising levels compared to the amount I’ve personally invested in the Africa campaign. As a team we’re also finding tensions rising – the result of living in such close quarters and dealing with difficult situations. I hold my hand up and admit to losing my temper on occasion, and I’m trying to manage this. It’s a daily battle but one I’m determined to work on. We had to drive around 150 miles back to Livingstone today to sort some paperwork for Brian, and I took the chance to rest and reflect. We had a good chat once we arrived in Livingstone. I don’t want to risk losing this team and I’m hopeful things are ok and that we can grow stronger with each challenge we overcome. Having sorted Brian’s paperwork we bought more gas and did some shopping. Running-wise we only managed ten miles today but the admin was more important. We’re only 30 miles from the Namibian border now, and will be concentrating on reaching this milestone tomorrow.

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