Day Fifty One

Day 51 – 7 March 2020

Last night’s bed had been comfy enough, and happily my ankle felt marginally better. After some breakfast (a honey sandwich and a hot chocolate) we drove to the start of our first leg. Twelve and a half miles later, and miraculously, I was feeling no pain in my ankle! This was a very welcome development which helped not only physically, but mentally too. It was such a relief not to feel that pain and worry any more. We decided to clock another twelve and a half miles before lunch to round it up to 25, then managed a final leg of 10 miles to finish the day on 30. However, once we reached 10 miles I was feeling pretty good so we sneaked in a further five. The improvement in the ankle has truly lifted my spirits. It’s hard finding places to camp in this part of the world so we’re in a guest house again tonight. The previous two guest houses had been cheap and cheerful – this one is cheap but far from happy! It felt like a prison as soon as we got in there and was certainly basic – there were old mattresses and threadbare blankets, and worryingly, no mosquito nets. We got into bed to the sounds of a couple arguing and tried to fall asleep but by 0100 I’d had enough. My blood was boiling and I packed up all my things and tried to sleep in the car. The chaos and confusion didn’t stop there though, with another couple fighting. All in all, a pretty awful night. However, on a positive note, we managed 40 miles today!

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