Day Fifty Nine

Day 59 – 15 March 2020

Porridge, scrambled eggs and coffee got us going this morning, ready for the border crossing. We made it to the departure section of the Zambian border where we were tested for Coronavirus. This involved filling in some forms and undergoing the health screening. I made it through this section with no problems, and Rashid was next. However, this is where things started to unravel. The official we dealt with was confrontational and challenged Rashid’s paperwork, outlining a course of action that would cost us five days and even more money. The bureaucracy and misinformation we’re encountering is staggering. Having demanded to speak to a supervisor, I waited over an hour to be informed that our situation was not unique and that more people have experienced the same problems as us. Small comfort! Having considered our options we’ve taken the very difficult decision to let Rashid go and we’ll continue the challenge with another driver, who we’ve been lucky enough to find at short notice. Cost-wise it won’t see us any better off but we won’t lose the five days we would have lost to arrange new paperwork for Rashid. We’ll need to wait until tomorrow for our new driver to join us. It’s been a tough, tough day. We’ve been knocked down but we are on our feet again.

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