Day Fifty Four

Day 54 – 10 March 2020

Today was our second rest day. We had to help Brian with his paperwork for Namibia (the offices had been closed when he’d tried yesterday). When we finally got to speak to someone, we were informed it would take five days to wait for everything to be ready. This was a huge blow, and we were desperate to avoid such a long delay which would totally derail the challenge. While Brian tried his best to figure out a work-around, I treated myself to an aromatherapy massage and hydro bath (courtesy of the Cox family – their generosity continues!) which was every bit as amazing as it sounds. After I’d finished I had a message from Brian and Rashid. They’ve sorted yet more repairs to our ailing vehicle (the car is costing us a fair bit of money, and time) so it’s roadworthy again. However, my budget is getting really stretched now. I’m self-funding this challenge and I’m in a lot of debt as a result. I can only hope we reach our goals and start to generate more donations soon! I keep thinking of Amari Uganda and the new home we’re hoping to build so they can rescue more children from the street, giving them access to education and a future.

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