Day Fifty Five

Day 55 – 11 March 2020

We were back on the road again today – the start of our final 1000 miles across Africa. I was keen to get started and after what’s become my usual breakfast these days (hot chocolate and two sandwiches of honey and peanut butter) we were off. After the first ten miles we headed to the passport office again to finalise Brian’s passport. We hadn’t been able to find a fix to the five-day problem yesterday, but after three hours of negotiating today we managed to persuade someone to help us and agree to process things more quickly. The bureaucracy here is unbelievable. It was stressful at the time, but now it’s sorted it’s a huge weight off my mind. After that I was feeling strangely energised and the second leg felt pretty good which was just as well as we need to get as many miles as we can under our belts at this point. We saw zebras today as we ran, which was pretty cool. Also, Claire from Livingstone drove past us as we ran and stopped to say hi and it was great to see a friendly face in unfamiliar territory. Again, there aren’t many places to camp in this area, so after finishing on 30 miles today we had to backtrack eight miles to find a safe and cheap place to set up for tonight. Unfortunately, it was safe, but not cheap. We’re glad hot showers are included in the price.

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