Day Fifty Eight

Day 58 – 14 March 2020

We were some distance from our starting point where we camped last night, due to the state of the roads had to start some 39 miles short when we set off in the car this morning. Some of the pot holes are big enough to swallow the car, so we had to take it very steady. We managed 12 miles on the first leg, at which point was breakfasted and hung some washing out to dry! The heat on the second leg was unbearable, and I stopped every couple of miles to take salts on board. At the end of the second leg we had rice and chicken for lunch which fuelled me on the final stage which we finished having achieved 31.5 miles in total. This evening the temperatures are still high and we’re still trying to cool down at the lodge where we’re staying. We’ll hit the border tomorrow.

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