Day Fifty

Day 50 – 6 March 2020

I woke feeling a bit worried given how yesterday had gone, physically. My ankle had started to give me some pain towards the end of the day, so I was hoping to see an improvement there. Each time I pick up an injury I’m anxious it could spell the end of the challenge. Thankfully the stomach cramps were gone, and we managed a decent 11 miles on the first leg, followed by nine on the second. I need to keep pushing through at this point as we can’t afford to lose any miles, or any days. My ankle was still sore, but I know I’ve run through worse pain. The shin injury early in the challenge felt much more serious at the time, so although I’m still concerned, I’m ploughing on. We finished today on 30 miles again, then decided to rest my ankle. Every step has hurt and every mile has felt like five or six – it’s been a long, hard day of running. We’re staying in a guest house this evening and I’m confident that a good night’s rest will help my ankle.

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