Day Eighteen

Day 18 – 3 February 2020

We started the day well with a good breakfast at the church where we’d had an excellent night’s sleep. We were aiming for a big day. The first checkpoint was at 12 miles so slightly longer than usual. I felt good when we reached the checkpoint and actually felt like I could have gone further. A meal of porridge at the checkpoint went down a treat, along with a hot mocha – chocolate and coffee was a winning combination! We set off again on the second leg, managing ten miles this time. The second run of each day seems to be getting more painful for me (it’s the shortest break between runs here, so my shin suffers by the end of the second leg). We found another camp next to a Catholic church, and managed another eight miles this evening (we’re putting in one last run of the day then travelling back to camp in the support vehicle, to make the most of the cooler temperatures). We gathered quite a following with local children running behind us this evening – they’re really interested in what we’re doing and the moral support is brilliant, although they usually only manage a couple of hundred metres before dropping off!

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