Day 3

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Day Three – 19 January 2020

Today started at 0500 – we tried to get out quite early while it was still dark to beat the heat. I had a good start and managed around ten miles on the

first leg. After the first pit stop I managed a further eight. At this point we had a break for food and water, after which we completed another nine miles (in two legs) and after another break I ran a final leg of six miles so was really pleased with the amount of miles we’ve covered today. I felt good today, and the running was easier than in previous days. What was harder was the three hours we had to spend registering to sleep somewhere in the town. Navigating local bureaucracy was more of a challenge than the running! Setting the tent up was another drama as we were hit by torrential rain which saw us setting up camp in a mudbath. However, we pulled together as a team (despite a few moments of shouting at each other!) and managed to see the funny side. What doesn’t kill you…

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