Day 2

Day Two – 18 January 2020

This was harder than yesterday. The first leg (nine miles) started at 0600 and was tough. I felt quite despondent and if I’m honest I was trying desperately to think of ways to get out of continuing! However, after a pit stop, some water and food, I gave myself a good talking to and continued on the next leg feeling slightly more positive. The second leg was eight miles long and was still really difficult, but I made it! After the second pit stop was decided to wait for a few hours for the weather to cool down, and at 1700 we were hit by a torrential downpour which was most welcome! However, even though the temperatures were cooler, my feet suffered in the damp conditions, and I’ve developed a very painful blister. Conditions are never perfect but I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. We couldn’t find anywhere to camp this evening so we’ve had to share a room which someone in tonight’s village kindly offered us. Hoping for a good rest this evening.

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