Day 1

Day One – 17 January 2020

Together with the support vehicle, I set off at 0630 to a beautiful sunrise. Today saw me complete three legs, totalling 18 miles. Towards the end of the first leg the temperatures had started to rise, but at the first checkpoint we had to wait an hour for the vehicle to catch us – it had been caught in traffic. Sitting around in 28 degree heat wasn’t great fun, but after a meal of rice and beans and the all-important rehydrating we set off on the second leg. We reached checkpoint two after a really tough run where I could feel the heat coming off the tarmac. This checkpoint pit stop was a bit smoother with less waiting around, and after another meal of rice and beans plus electolytes, we set off for checkpoint three. This was the shortest leg of today’s journey, but the hardest by far, with temperatures in the early 30s – certainly different to what I’ve been used to in the UK. We’ve set up our first camp which took around an hour (no doubt this will become quicker as the journey continues and we become more used to how everything goes together). We’ve washed our clothes ready for tomorrow, and after a good meal are turning in for the night. It’s been a hard start to the challenge and I’m feeling tired, but looking forward to day two.

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