Running 95 marathons across Africa.....

Updated: Jan 9, 2020


I founded Challenge Child Poverty following a volunteering trip to Uganda where I was shocked to witness extreme levels of child poverty. I felt compelled to do something to make a difference, and using my love of running, created a charity which combines sporting challenges and targeted fundraising. Having experienced challenges during my own childhood, I’m committed to being part of the solution for children experiencing adversity today. 

African Challenge

Challenge Child Poverty operates by raising funds for carefully vetted local projects, who are best placed to offer on the ground support for children in extreme poverty. Amari Uganda is one of the projects we work with, and in early 2020 I’ll be running 4000km across Africa to raise funds for them.


All money raised will go to help Amari Uganda to build a permanent home with enough land to farm food for the children they support. The project is run by Martin and JB, who themselves experienced extreme child poverty, and who now work tirelessly to help other children. The project is currently based in rented accommodation which is up for sale, necessitating a move to a more stable home. Amari Uganda provide food, clothes and accommodation to former street children, then uses football and athletics to develop talents. They identify sponsors for the children so they can go to school, enabling them to gain an education which in turn opens up opportunities for a better future. 

Starting in January, Steven will run 4000km/2500 miles (the equivalent of 95 marathons) across Africa, raising money exclusively for Amari Uganda. The challenge will involve Steven running more than a marathon each day, in temperatures soaring well over 40 degrees. Other dangers include wildlife and disease, making this a challenge of epic proportions. 

There will be no hotels; accommodation will be wild camping with just a tent and rollmatt.

Steven will have a 4x4 as the support vehicle with a driver, cyclist, Cook and videographer. There will be limited washing facilities, and certainly no option of a post-marathon soak at the end of each day!  

Steven will be facing considerable adversity but will be motivated each day by the amazing work Amari Uganda will be able to carry out using the funds raised. Every pound donated 

will go directly to the charity.

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Amari Uganda rescues children from the streets and provides them with a secure environment, food and clothes, using football and athletics to develop talents. The charity then works hard to find each child a sponsor so they can attend school.

More information about Amari Uganda can be found here.

Please support me on sponsoring me with as little or as much as you can, 100% of the funds we raise will go to the building of the long term home for homeless children.

Thank you so much for your kindness!